Nationals 2018

Columbus is a beautiful city with wonderful weather. Shooting there on a regular day would be a breeze but when its nationals the pressure is pretty high so shooting is not a breeze. My squad and I have prepared for this day all season. The guns are perfect, the gear is perfect, we slept well, its all ready except our mental game and that is what caused us to mess up the whole first day. After going back to the hotel and sleeping on our anger we mentally prepared for tomorrow.

The next day was so much better with all five of us shooting almost perfectly. After shooting we went around and tested all the guns we would like to save up for in the near future. After hanging out for a few hours then we went an had some dinner and prepared for the awards ceremony. We as a squad didn’t officially win something but myself and another person from my squad placed fourth in the nation on the all-state squad.

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